Project Description

– Weight : 3kg to 5Kg
– Available : Eviscerated rolled only
– Slaughtered at around 9 months
– UBD : 21 days

The rolled capon is a male chicken that has been castrated at 2 months old.
It’s farmed free range for 7 months thenstays in a fattening coop for 30 days.

The capon has a ‘’Poularde’’ flesh with a male body. Its flesh is tender, tasty and exeptionaly delicious.
Exclusively made in December, the annual production is around 4000 pieces created by approximately 30 talented breeders. We are glad to count 12 of them aslong term partners.

Wrapping is compulsory for the same purpose as for ‘’Poularde’’.
The capon will be part of the annual contest ‘’Les Glorieuses de Bresse’’ during which breeders will be awarded for best birds.

Food is the same as for ‘’Poularde’’(fine cereal paste and cow’s milk).
There is no best recipe to cook capon. The most important part is to control the oven temperature and the cooking time. We advise to roast it slowly and to baste it regulary.

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