Project Description

– Weight : 2,2kg to 2,7Kg
– Available : Eviscerated rolled only
– Slaughtered at around 6 months
– UBD : 21 days

The ‘’rolled’’ process involves wrapping and strongly sewing the poultry in a cotton or a linen towel.
Exclusively done in December on just a few birds, this process shaped the female chicken oblong and smooth like butter.

The best specialist breeders compete during ‘’Les Glorieuses de Bresse’’ which is a ‘’show-contest’’ during which awarded poultry reach high prices.
This wrapping process had been formerly created to facilitate transport and the chicken’s preservation.

The tight wrap also helps the fat to penetrate the flesh for a better marbling.
This fat contain the best juices.

As every fine meat, 10 to 12 days maturation is highly recommanded.
The poularde is delicious roasted and truffled or poached with vegetables, cream and tarragon.

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