Project Description

– Weight : 5kg to 7Kg
– Available : full only
– Slaughtered at around 30 to 32 weeks
– UBD : 21 days

The goosee ‘’Excellence MIERAL’’ is a end of year poultry.
It is hatched at the beginning of April and lives free range on Bresse fields for 30 to 32 weeks in Bresse chicken farms. We slaughter it by the beginning of December. Its flesh is tender and tasty.

This goose never had the AOP Bresse. We are selling it under the trade mark ‘’Excellence MIERAL’’.
We have chosen the ‘’white breed’’for the quality of its meat (not for liver) and we also select few ‘’grey breed’’ for bigger size.
It’s difficult to find talented breeders. They must have large green pastures as the goose is an herbivore.

Additional food is the same as for Bresse chicken (corn from Bresse, wheat, cow’s milk or powdered milk) and must be abundant during winter. Farming goose is a hard job.
People use to say that a small goose is more tender than a big one. This is wrong as goose weight is not linked to its age but to its genetic.

Goose weight can vary between 2 to 3 kg for 2 geese hatched at the same day and farmed with same methods.
The best goose is the heaviest one (fat). Its flesh is tender and tasty. Cook it slowly at medium temperature and baste it regulary.

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