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pintade excellence mieral ambiance

– Weight : 2kg to 2,5Kg
– Available : Eviscerated only
– Slaughtered at around 6 months
– UBD : 21 days

The Guinea fawl ‘’Excellence MIERAL’’ is farmed free range on Bresse poultry farms.
It’s farmed for 18 to 25 weeks and fed with natural food + fattening at the end of their life.

We can’t compare with a ‘’Prince de Dombes’’ guinea fawl which is farmed free range for 10 to 12 weeks and fed with cereals.
Its a domesticated game from Africa. Its flesh is fine and tasty.

This guinea fawl never had the AOP Bresse. The word ‘’Bresse’’ has been forbidden for guine fawl sales in 1993 as too many producers used it to add value to industrial production.

We are selling this guinea fawl under the trade mark ‘’Excellence MIERAL’’ which guarantee traditional breeding methods from Bresse : fine cereals only (Corn, wheat, buckwheat), cow’s milk or powdered milk.

No additives, no oleaginous.
The farming time on grassy fields is twice as long as other productions.

Its a free range poultry. Farmers don’t cut their wings in order to let it fly.
As every fine meat, 10 to 12 days maturation is highly recommanded.

The cooking must be slow and at low temperature. Guinea fawl will be delicious with cabbage, chanterelles or other fresh mushrooms. Red wine is recommanded.

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